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Valhalla news

Valhalla POP-UP Christmas SHOP open until 24.12 @Solaris

Valhalla POP-UP Christmas SHOP open until 24.12 @Solaris

Valhalla Factory perfect Christmas gifts are now available for all design lovers. Right in the center of Tallinn, at the entertainment and shopping center Solaris we are welcoming all of You to provide an inspirational journey to Valhalla Christmas Dreamland. Our dedicated and friendly team is waiting for You!

Time during the Christmas season is running fast. Therefore, Valhalla team is pleased to make shopping for You stressless. All gifts - small ones and big ones for parents, grandparents, friends or colleagues are ready to pack and bring them to home. And why not to make a gift for yourself as well! 

Great gifts for a woman, wife, cooking lovers. Gift set with a stylish and harmonious apron, pot holder & oven mitt, KINFOLK cookbook, patterned table runners, marble trivet, wooden plates. 
Gifts for husband, grand-parents, colleagues, wood-lovers. Wooden oak oiled chopping boards. Mini & Maxi serving platters, wooden modern knife. 
Make a statement to show Your love with the smaller gifts, suitable for everyone. 
Elegantly packed 100% natural aroma candle is hand poured soy wax candle scented with high quality essential oil. 

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