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    KORFU Deck Chair, Nature, Bamboo

    KORFU Deck Chair, Nature, Bamboo

    € 159.00 € 119.25

    The Korfu Deck Chair by Bloomingville is made of bamboo to achieve the organic, cozy and homely feel of the natural material. The seat is made of cotton in a light color that gives the chair a beautiful scandinavian look. Use it for the balcony, a small terrace or in the garden. We recommend to place in covered area.
    L 60 x H 77 x W 112 cm

    Composition: Bamboo, Polyester, Cotton
    Outdoor Use: Yes
    Care instructions: If exposed to moist, bamboo will absorb dust and dirt, and the colour will turn grey in time. We recommend to place in covered area. Clean with moist cloth and rub in tested furniture oil. 
    Seat height: 30 cm.

    Delivery time: 30 days
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