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  • TURA head board, rattan with weaving, brown

    An elegant headboard in colonial style in a warm, dark brown color. No mounting is needed - just put it on the head side of your bed against the wall for a stylish look.

    NET WEIGHT KG: 13.60

    HEIGHT: 142.00 CM
    DEPTH: 3.20 CM
    LENGTH: 181.00 CM
    MATERIAL: Polished rattan

    Delivery time 10-21 days.

    Tutvu tootega lähemalt
  • BALI head board, rattan/weaving, natural

    A beautiful headboard for your large size bed in rattan, handmade.
    It will dress up your bed and bedroom and give it a cool style.
    Doesn't need to be mounted, just placed against the wall at the short end of bed.

    NET WEIGHT KG: 7.50

    HEIGHT: 140.00 CM
    DEPTH: 3.00 CM
    LENGTH: 180.00 CM
    MATERIAL: Rattan, hand weaving

    Delivery time 10-21 days.

    Tutvu tootega lähemalt
  • ONEGA head board, brown leather


    ONEGA head board, brown leather

    € 935.00

    A high class head board in real leather including 2 golden iron knobs/screws for wall mounting. It will upgrade your bed room in a classy way. Made in 4 panels and with
    water repellent fabric on the backside. Height including straps is 86,5 cm.

    NET WEIGHT KG: 12.00
    HEIGHT: 74.00 CM
    DEPTH: 5.00 CM
    LENGTH: 181.00 CM
    MATERIAL: 40% leather, 30% MDF, 20% foam, 10% tetron fabric

    Delivery time 10-21 days.

    Tutvu tootega lähemalt